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 NinjaRex5's Test Result's

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PostSubject: NinjaRex5's Test Result's   NinjaRex5's Test Result's I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2012 7:52 pm

-Number Of Cards
5/5=40-42 cards

2. Uniqueness: 7/10
-How your deck is different from the others... netdecking might lose you some points...

3. Moves And Procedures: 7/10
-How well you manipulate the duel

4. Duels Won: 10/10
-5 points per each duel won

5. Knowledge: 6/10
-How well you know the rulings

6. Concentration: 4/10
-How well and fast they respond to activation off other cards

7. Control: 9/10
-How well you had control over the duel and how long you had the lead

8. Consistency: 10/10
-How consistent you are with getting cards you need, and how well you held out in the duel

9. Siding Skills: 5/5
-How well your side deck was proven to work. If no side deck was used you will be marked 0 points.
Total Points: 59

Horaky Gold Dorm: 80 Points
Slifer Red Dorm: 69-79 points
Obelisk Blue Dorm: 56-68 points
Ra Yellow Dorm: 55 points or below

Welcome To Obelisk! Very Happy
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NinjaRex5's Test Result's
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