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 Making Advantageous Decks

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PostSubject: Making Advantageous Decks   Making Advantageous Decks I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 15, 2012 10:50 pm

The topic has been disputed frequently: How to make a Killer Deck?

Well, I'm here to say that the art of Deck-making is more like a science, it has rules and formulas that, if you follow them, you will be ultimately successful.

To Start this off, the first thing you need above all else is a Strategy, this will be the overall objective of your deck, Deck Strategies can be defined as follows:

Beatdown/Aggressive--The Goal of this Strategy is to use Monsters with high ATK to win by reducing your LP to 0, a simple goal, this deck often likes to pressure your opponent the moment the Duel Starts by summoning strong monsters very early, and using Cards that allow for Direct attacks.

Control--The Goal of this Strategy is to win through Card Advantage, by which usually happens by using cards that get rid of your opponent's options, while using cards that give you more options, in short, a Domino Effect, one side gets weaker, while the other gets stronger.

Burn--The Goal of this Strategy is to Win through LP damage, often using Card effects to inflict damage during either turn, the deck also likes to use lots on Recycling/Drawing Cards, in order to keep up LP Damage.

Instant Win Decks--The Goal of this Strategy is to use cards that bestow instant victory with their effects, which include Exodia, Final Countdown, etc.

Stall--The Goal of this Strategy involves stopping the opponent from inflicting damage through any means, often so that another strategy can be enabled to win, this often coincides with Burn/Instant Win Decks.

FTK/OTK--The Goal of this Strategy is to win in one turn through any means, note: FTW-First Turn Kill, OTK-One Turn Kill; this often involves a combo of cards, there are many FTK/OTK decks, each one involves a different combo then the rest.

Aggro--My personal favorite type of deck, The Goal of this Strategy combines elements from Aggressive decks with elements of Control decks, thus allowing a flexible, well-rounded deck that can adjust for almost any situation, take heed, this deck is MUCH harder to make due to having to balance both themes of Aggressive and Control.

After choosing a Strategy, the next thing that needs to be done is choosing either a Archtype (such as Wind-ups or Inzektors) or a specific combo, or even a specific card, For the purpose of this topic, I'm going to use Blackwings to act as a example, the Strategy will be Aggro.

Now that we've choosen a Archtype and a Strategy, we will now begin constructing the deck, with the first step being to establish the Core of the Deck, which is the skeleton of the Deck. This often comprises of Staple cards, both general and Theme-specific cards. Also, any monsters included are usually level 4 or lower, due to their ease of being summoned.

Heres a Example list:

3 Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame
3 Blackwing - Bora the Spear
3 Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North
1 Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
1 Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow

1 Black Whirlwind
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Cards for Black Feathers
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Heavy Storm

1 Mirror Force
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Dimensional Prison

Total Cards: 21

Ok, now that we've got the Core established, now we can try to identify Support cards, which are cards literally help Support your Strategy, whether they're Theme-Specific or General, so now, lets add Support Cards:

The Deck now...

3 Shura
3 Bora
3 Blizzard
1 Gale
1 Kalut
2 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn
2 Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor
1 Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite
1 Blackwing - Elephin the Ravin
2 Blackwing - Gust the Backblast

1 Whirlwind
1 Dark hole
1 heavy storm
1 Cards for Black feathers
1 monster reborn
1 allure
1 Pot of Avarice
2 Gold Sarcophagus
2 Dark Eruption

1 Mirror force
1 solemn judgment
2 D-prison
2 Icarus attack
2 Delta Crow - Anti Reverse
1 Return from the Different Dimension

Total Cards: 39

Now that we've got support cards, you should see that theres still room in the deck, so at this point, you can add cards that would also work with the deck, please note: you don't have to stay at 40 cards even to make your deck good, just try to keep it AS CLOSE to 40 cards even as you can.

The Finished Main deck:

3 shura
3 bora
3 blizzard
1 gale
1 kalut
2 sirocco
2 vayu
1 zephyros
1 Elpin
2 Gust
1 Dark armed Dragon

1 Allure
1 whirlwind
1 avarice
2 dark eruption
1 cards for black feathers
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole
1 heavy storm
2 gold sarc

1 mirror force
1 solemn judgment
2 d-prisons
2 icarus attack
2 delta crow
1 Return from DD
2 Compulsory Evacuation Device

Total Cards: 42

Now that the main deck is done, the Extra Deck can be started, when it comes to making a good extra deck, you should try to include as many different cards as possible, but if your using Theme-specific extra deck monsters, (like Blackwing synchros) then its ok to use duplicates. Finally, if your using Synchros/Xyz's, then try to vary the Levels/Ranks so that Versalility can be formed.

the Example Extra deck:

1 Ancient Fairy Dragon
1 Black rose Dragon
1 black-winged dragon
2 blackwing armed wing
2 blackwing armor master
1 stardust dragon
1 brionac, dragon of the Ice barrier
1 mist wurm
1 vortex the whirlwind
1 ally of justice catastor
1 ally of justice decisive armor
1 Colossal Fighter
1 Red dragon archfiend

Total cards: 15

Now that the example deck is done, the only thing left to do, is to test it through dueling with it. Take note however, this deck could be adjusted to perform different strategies, like perhaps OTK or Control, etc. This could be done by adjusting the deck contents to better perform the said ALT. strategy

So now, just to review, a Good Deck needs a Strategy, Cards that give Advantage, and Support cards which all need to be balanced so that the Deck's Strategy can Flow and be easily and repeatedly performed.

If you wish to know more, contact me either through Rose Dual Academy Messages, or PM me on Dueling Network, my username is AlphaDarkElite777.

Peace out and Have Fun making good decks everyone!!!

Signed, AlphaDarkElite777
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Making Advantageous Decks
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